"I finally met up with Joy Massage tonight. Thankfully I got to book her after a tough week at work, a beautiful looking woman with a fabulous figure, so slim.
Apartment was nice and cosy, so well kept and clean.
Joy Massage welcomes you in a nice professional attitude and makes you to feel at ease with her non pushy manner.
This woman is such an excellent steady masseuse which is quite surprising given her petite size. She has a soft touch and totally relaxes you within minutes.
She doesn't takeover with needless chat and allows you to lead conversation if you feel you want to speak or not.
A extremely pleasant and beautiful woman who definitely puts her clients first.
So easy to chat to after the massage which really was lovely finish to fabulous experience.
Highly recommended and would definitely like to meet again. "

From Cork


"I have been an admirer of Joy Massage 's profile for a very long time, but have only just now managed to be in the right place at the right time to make an appointment.
I knew I would like her because she has been a frequent and pleasant contributor to the forums for years, and the visit certainly lived up to my expectations. Communication and location were perfect, and I got a nice smiling welcome. She is lovely - elegant, slender and petite as expected - and good fun to spend time with.
The massage was just what I wanted, fairly gentle, and getting slowly more exciting as time went on, 
As well as that, she is very interesting to chat to, with plenty of stories from a number of years on the Irish scene. I could happily have stayed listening for hours.
I know she plans to spend less time in Ireland, but I hope to have another chance to meet her sometime. "

From Belfast


"Well, what can be said, nothing new of course, but an experience like this inspires many words!
Firstly, she was very patient with me and my struggles to hear directions due to street noise, once sorted I was greeted by the most stunning lady in her pristine, luxury apartment. Her pictures are great, but in person she radiates beauty on another level!
Shower sorted I drifted off into a land of bliss under her magic hands. An incredible, unrushed experience that both lived up to and exceeded the hype! Afterwards we had a deep dive into politics which I had to curtail somewhat as my parking was up, but all I can say is that her intelligence matches her beauty.
Joy Massage is legendary, and rightfully so. "

From Dublin


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