Joy massage
Joy massage

Joy massage

Welcome to my website!

I'm an ATTRACTIVE, PETITE and VERY SEXY woman from Dublin.

I'm INDEPENDENT - PROFESSIONAL, certified masseuse with more than a decade of experience.


I'm passionate about learning new techniques, so I can customize the massage to your needs.

Each custom massage will include some of my favourite modalities that I've studied over the years.

You can expect a session to integrate the Southern style, the Wat Pho and the most popular type of massages in the Western – European world.

It can include the stimulation of your accupunctural points for an extraordinary experience while reducing any muscle tensions you might have.

I will fulfill your desires. Your senses will be stimulated not only by my touches, but also by relaxation musics selected by me and with candle lights.

 I am an excellent choice for you if you are looking for:

؞ Someone who will not rush you

؞ Someone who is discreet 

؞ Someone who will give you pleasure

؞ Someone who knows how to treat you with sensuality

؞ Someone whos passion lies in massage

 Hygiene is very important for me, so a shower at my place is essential. A freshly washed and ironed towel is provided and I do disinfect my bathroom after every single use. These high standards will give you the feeling of a luxury spa.

؞ No hidden fees.

؞ Please, please, please don't drink alcohol before your appointment.

Please confirm your booking 30 minutes in advance. Thank you!

See you soon,

Your Joy ❤️